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Open Bowling

Open Bowling | South County Lanes | Payson | (385) 895-6620

Bowling is a truly versatile form of recreation and entertainment. It is a great family bonding experience, a goofy competition between close friends, and even a lively spot to schedule bowling dates for you and your significant other. At South County Lanes, we are passionately dedicated to providing fun bowling opportunities to every single type of customer. While you aim to knock down pins, we aim to fulfill all of your bowling needs. Whether weekly bowling or nightly bowling, our lanes are open to you night and day.

Reserve some lanes for your whole clan and experience stellar family bowling at amazing prices. Receive special family rates on Wednesday nights and group rate discounts on Monday nights. Come to our alley during the late hours and enjoy astonishing cosmic bowling. We turn the bright lights off and the black lights on to illuminate the bowling lanes with vibrantly glowing colors. Cosmic bowling is a dazzling way to celebrate your young ones’ birthday parties.

Our awesome staff also caters to little bowling aficionados. Our bowling ramps guide balls down the lane using momentum rather than physical exertion, helping youngsters enjoy knocking down pins with minimal strain. If your child can proficiently lift and roll a bowling ball but has trouble aiming, we can set up bumpers to keep the ball on course and out of the gutter.

Schedule your next bowling date and contact South County Lanes immediately. Be sure to bring some friends and get more strike for your buck! We are the premier spot for unparalleled bowling in Payson, UT.

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